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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Sarah’s Got Style – And Substance

ACCLAIMED author Barbrara Taylor Bradford did not have Sarah Dawson in mind when she wrote her debut blockbuster novel in the late 1970s but there is little doubt the Manheim’s UK and International HR Director is A Woman of Substance. Where Sarah and Emma Harte, the main character in the book, differ of course is…Continue Reading

Think Deal, Think Bike

IS it time you got on your bike? Well, thanks to Bradley Wiggins and his fabulous Tour De France and Olympic wins this summer, statistics suggest there could not be a better time. A cycling boom has led to many workers purchasing bikes through the Government’s tax-rebated, cycle-to work scheme. And with many of this…Continue Reading

Lessons from a CEO

Time to Read, Twice – 5 Minutes Last week I was in Austin, Texas, with Baker Hughes, a Fortune 250 oil field services provider, and was privileged to hear an opening address by Martin Craighead, their President and CEO. This is not a promotional article for either Martin or Baker Hughes, this is a simple…Continue Reading

Delight Your Customers

BUSINESS is not just about making money, it is about delighting your customers. making money is the by-product. And you will delight your customers by following through and delivering on what you promise. So, this month, and always, follow through and deliver on your promise. Be seen to deliver your agreement. And if something goes…Continue Reading

Keep Your Balance

IN business, such as in sport, you need hod carriers as well as artists, stability in harness with skill, while caution should be allied to courage and creativity. Remember, as a team, you need to have a range of attributes to make business work and you should consider the objectives of the team and what…Continue Reading

Power To The People

HELPING change young lives. There couldn’t really be a more powerful slogan than that and The Prince’s Trust is a youth charity that does just what it says on the tin. It is an organisation that motivates, encourages and gives confidence to those aged between 14 and 30 who have struggled at school, have been…Continue Reading

There is nothing wrong with you

Time to Read – 31 Seconds Time to “Get” – Your Choice – A Heartbeat, Awhile, or Never There is nothing wrong with you I could write so much about the Paralympics – the backstories, the dedication, the performances. Instead, I simply write this – none of those competitors at any time complained that there…Continue Reading