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Monthly Archives: March 2013

The Top 13 Business April Fools *

Monday 1 April 2013   Time to Read – 3 minutes 03 seconds Time to Listen – Make a coffee first!   The Top 13 Business April Fools *   13.        Meetings A French River in Egypt – Where people travel, who think that more meetings = better decisions. Back from De Nile – Cut…Continue Reading

Body Talk

IT was 1980s pop group Imagination who came up with the album entitled Body Talk. Your body language speaks volumes and the irony is that when it comes to effective communication, words have the least effect on the person you are communicating with. Research suggests a very small percentage of your effectiveness when talking to…Continue Reading

Thought For The Week

WE automatically move in the direction of our most dominant thoughts. When we believe something to be true we see the world in that way and our minds cannot tell the difference between something that happens in reality and something we imagine with emotional intensity.Continue Reading

Be On The Team

USING a sporting analogy, teams win matches. No matter how good the individual, it is the framework of the team that is important as no one man or woman can win a team game on his/her own. Tiger Woods is a good example. One of the greatest golfers of all time, some would argue the…Continue Reading

Talk Yourself Up

CHANGE the way you talk to yourself. Many people believe the happiness in your life comes down to how you communicate with yourself – your internal dialogue. Think of phrases you enjoy hearing and repeat them silently to yourself throughout the day. No one else need know you are doing this, except you will have…Continue Reading

Sealed With A Kiss

DELIVER your message with a KISS. Yes, you may want to add a little love and affection to your audience, although Keeping It Short and Simple is the key here. With me so far? Excellent. KISS is an easy acronym to remember. And the intimation is clear. Short and sharp is the way forward. The…Continue Reading

Thought For The Week

WHEN you focus on a clear outcome – result – you believe that result is possible and that you have the abilities to achieve it and make it real – you will therefore notice more help, information and resources than you may have noticed before. You have to – it is a scientific fact. (Extract…Continue Reading

Sing Now They’re Winning

WIN by name – and now, after a period of extreme adversity, Ian Winstone is learning to win by nature. Not only has Ian seen the light at the end of a very dark tunnel, he has sprinted the final mile and emerged into the full glare of the sun with a new-found confidence and…Continue Reading