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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Don’t Dream on – Do It

ASK yourself these questions. * What’s your biggest dream? * What do you want to achieve long term? * What does success look like to you? * What’s important to you? Then, consider where you are now, before appreciating what you have to do to get to where you want to be. Then do it!…Continue Reading

Patents At The Double

RED tape in business can often leave entrepreneurs feeling blue. That is about to change for those wanting to patent ideas and inventions in double-quick time. The Government will introduce a fast-track system later this year cutting patent processing from up to four years to a possible 90 days. This superfast system will allow people…Continue Reading

The Formula for Guaranteed Failure

Time to Read: Just a minute Time to Listen: If you can be bothered! The Formula for Guaranteed Failure  Decide what you don’t want, give ownership of your life to someone else, and then, and most importantly, do absolutely nothing. In your life, your failure never happens by accident, it always comes as a result…Continue Reading

Thought For The Week

WHEN you focus on a clear outcome – result – you believe that result is possible and that you have the abilities to achieve it and make it real – you will therefore notice more help, information and resources than you may have noticed before. You have to – it is a scientific fact. (Extract…Continue Reading

On Monday 22 April 1861…

Time to Read: Just over a minute Time to Listen: A little bit more On Monday 22 April 1861… Robert E. Lee was named commander of Virginia forces, after turning down the offer to command the entire Union army. Perhaps the most beloved American General of all time – what were his three most outstanding qualities…Continue Reading

Open Up For A Better View

KEEP an open mind. This helps us tackle painful or difficult issues in our lives. Don’t push them away or hide them under the surface. Try to detach yourself from them and then let them bubble up to the surface. See them clearly for what they are and burst the bubbles. How many can you…Continue Reading

Academia and Industry Hit The Mark

PROFESSOR of Marketing at the University of Ulster, Mark Durkin has always strived to better the lives and prospects of the graduates under his guidance. And spurred on by the words of Northern Ireland Secretary of State, the Right Honourable Theresa Villiers MP, in a recent statement to coincide with the 15th anniversary of the…Continue Reading

Re-light Your Fire

HAVE you got a fire burning inside you? Losing your job is not necessarily all doom and gloom – in fact it can spark a flame inside some which refuses to burn out. There is a glimmer of hope as self-employment has risen and there are around four million people now working for themselves. Those…Continue Reading

Think Big!

MAKE your big idea a killer proposition. Write it out, in language a 10-year-old would understand. Explain the pain (problems overcome) and pleasure (benefits) which will come from your big idea. Combine the two, ie, it needs to appeal to a problem being solved and an opportunity being achieved. Then, the killer part, add the…Continue Reading