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Monthly Archives: May 2013

How to Lose a Sale

Time to Read: Enough to lose a sale Time to Listen: Next time you are with a customer! Now, huddle up – losing a sale does not happen by accident, whether you are in retail, selling by phone or pitching for business – you must work very hard to lose. Here’s how to do it:…Continue Reading

Thought For The Week

ATTEMPT to leave at least one day a week free of meetings and avoid filling any day with appointments. In other words leave blocks of unallocated time for planning, thinking, reading, writing and dealing with the unexpected. (Extract from How to Be An Even Better Manager)Continue Reading

Think Customer

PUT your customers first. They are why you exist. Without them, you have no business, no organisation. They must be at the top of your priorities, in the eyes, minds and actions of all your people. Your number one aim is to attract, retain and delight your customers so that they come back for more.…Continue Reading

Time To Connect

IF you would like to connect with children, pass on your experience and help large numbers, one of the most effective ways is to speak at a school. Most schools in our area will welcome an external speaker such as yourself. It’s usually easy to find a slot, then the challenge comes when you actually…Continue Reading

What really makes learning work?

Time to Read – 1 Minute 05 Seconds What really makes learning work? By Sharon Smyth The biggest challenge in talent management and development, is how to ensure people really learn, and apply what they learn. I used to rely on models and theories, which were only sometimes successful – Nowadays I give a different…Continue Reading

Be Here, Right Now

RIGHT now, wherever you are, look around you in life. This moment you are now in, will never be repeated again in your life. Take it all in – the people, the weather, the nature all around you. Next time you listen to your favourite piece of music, really listen. Don’t let your mind think…Continue Reading

Be Smart

IT isn’t just phones that are smart these days. Businesses are becoming streetwise and ‘bank savvy’ in their efforts to access finance to better their fortunes. And it isn’t just a need for survival that firms are looking to borrow funds from financial institutions. According to figures, there is a clear trend towards companies wanting…Continue Reading