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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Show Star Quality

FIVE-STAR luxury is something we could all do with from time to time. But do you possess the five qualities needed to be successful? Loyalty, generosity, integrity, honesty and trust. Do you possess these traits? If so, you have the ingredients to make a difference in business. All you need then is to take certain…Continue Reading

Thought For The Month

NO matter how logical we think we are, or we appear to be, deep down we are all living, breathing bundles of energy. You will never, never be able to be build a trusted relationship with any other human being, until you can build such a trusted relationship with yourself. This is because, unless you…Continue Reading

It’s all about You

You are your number one favourite subject. You have to be – because, have you ever noticed, that wherever you go, there you are. Who else gets to spend 24 hours a day with you? In work – “Communication”, “Culture”, “Change” – they are all about you. So communicate and behave as you believe everyone…Continue Reading

A Licence To Drive Your Business

WE’VE all head of a licence to kill. How about a licence to make a killing? In financial terms that is! Firms looking to expand into new markets both in the UK and overseas can use brand licensing to build business and explore new markets. Consider this, global retail sales last year approached £100billion, with…Continue Reading

Take In The Here And Now

RIGHT now, wherever you are, look around you in life. This moment you are now in, will never be repeated again in your life. Take it all in – the people, the weather, the nature all around you. Next time you listen to your favourite piece of music, really listen. Don’t let your mind think…Continue Reading

Claire’s On An Upward Plane

GIVEN Claire Silvester works for a global industry-leading provider of maintenance, repair and overhaul services for fixed and rotary wing aircraft operators, it is no real surprise she is a high-flyer. And while her career may have taken off, Claire has her feet firmly on the ground as she navigates her course as a progressive-thinking…Continue Reading

Respect – It’s Time To Earn It

A 1980s band named Erasure came up with the catchy song ‘Give A Little Respect’. Well, respect is a word all managers and leaders should work to command in business. Naked Leader has already established that people are not just the number one asset of a company, they are its only asset. So it follows…Continue Reading