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3 Brave Actions Organisations Must Do Now

3 Brave Actions Organisations Must Do Now

Naked Leader Week 908 – 1 February 2021

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Caused by and combined with Covid, thousands of people are socially isolated and suffering from mental stress, while their organisations face growing economic challenges and uncertain futures.

The solution in many companies is to make people work longer and harder.

The bad news is that solution is not working – never has and never will.

The good news is there is an alternative – it’s brave, bold and blindingly obvious.

Stop doing so much!


  1. Identify the 10% of activities that deliver 90% of your benefits – in your teams, projects and organisation.
  2. Stop doing everything else.
  3. Ensure this passes through your whole organisation so people have time to ‘be’ as well as ‘do’.

Simplicity – it’s not an idea, it’s a choice.

And never has making that choice mattered as much as it does right now.

With my love and best wishes

David X

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