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3 Leadership Lessons from our Nuclear Partner

3 Leadership Lessons from our Nuclear Partner

Naked Leader Week 810 – 25 February 2019

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3 Leadership Lessons from our Nuclear Partner

This month Clive Barrett, interviews Matt Tudor for our Leader feature – 

MATT TUDOR, Head of Business Development & Marketing at the award-winning Bridgwater & Taunton College in Somerset, knows exactly what to do when opportunity comes knocking.

Located just a few miles from the new nuclear power station being built at Hinkley Point C, Matt and his colleagues are relishing the challenge of delivering the skills training needed to fill the estimated 100,000 vacancies arising in the nuclear sector across the next decade.

The cornerstone of the Government’s response to this huge workforce demand is the new flagship National College for Nuclear (NCfN), and its southern hub – situated at the College’s Cannington Campus – is where the next generation of world class experts will be trained.

NCfN is set to revolutionise the way that training for the nuclear sector is delivered, with hands-on and innovative methods aiming to produce young professionals equipped with the skills and behaviours necessary to keep the UK at the forefront of global nuclear.

Close collaboration between industry, national regulators, skills bodies and training providers is pivotal to the success of NCfN, as is Matt’s partnership with Naked Leader. He explains: ‘I became involved with Naked Leader when an opportunity arose to reshape the strategic leadership and management approach of a major energy company.

‘They were looking for a blend of academia and a company specialising in behavioural change and prepared to disrupt traditional thinking, and that’s when we engaged with Naked Leader.

‘Since then, the synergies have been extraordinary and Naked Leader is now the leadership partner for the National College for Nuclear’s southern hub.’

Matt’s career has risen on a steep incline to the very top of higher education and his senior leadership roles have seen him responsible for the strategic direction taken in ensuring the link between academia and top-level business.

His top three tips for being successful?

  1. My dad told me you have two ears and one mouth so that you may listen more than you speak. I spend as much time as I can listening to my teams, understanding their motivations and how we can achieve our collective goals.
  2. I’m very lucky to work in a business where our shareholders are our students. Everything we do is about the students, so our vision is easy to follow and to recruit to. We make sure that whoever we recruit has the attitude and behaviours that are right for our students.
  3. I believe in positive and timely decision making, even when those decisions are unpopular and hard to make. It’s important for a leader to show conviction in the direction the business is taking and demonstrate clear decision making along the way.

It is clear that those under his tutelage, both staff members and students, are fortunate to have such an articulate and resourceful mentor.

Naked Leader founder, David Taylor, added: ‘Naked Leader is honoured to be the official leadership partner of The National College for Nuclear, and I know the Formula for Guaranteed Success is a particular hit with students. Matt is a very good friend, the hardest working person I know and above all a man who has dedicated his life to Further and Higher Education.’

The future of the nuclear industry is obviously in safe hands – a reassuring thought!

– Thank you Matt and Clive.

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