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3 Tips for The Perfect Zoom Meeting

3 Tips for The Perfect Zoom Meeting

Naked Leader Week 871 –  11 May 2020

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  1. Have some Fun. It’s ok to do this, even in these tough times. Of course this might not be appropriate if you are sharing bad news with a group, however for most Webinars its ok to have a laugh – the best way to do this is to keep it interactive and acknowledge people’s locations – pictures on the wall, trinkets on their desks etc. etc. And smile.
  2. Keep it Upbeat. It is the hope, as well as help and how, that will get us through this period. We have enough real things to worry about right now without attending a meeting full of moans and groans. For example, agree at the start this will be a ‘yes and’ meeting, not a ‘no but’ – i.e. no-one can dismiss an idea without coming up with an alternative. And acknowledge people’s thoughts, ideas and successes.
  3. Make it Real. Apply the Formula for Guaranteed Success, stay focused on the outcomes from the meeting, respect where different people are on the journey, discuss choices and make true decisions – if needed, take a vote (poll). Then allocate a clear action and single person to own – ensure it gets done. And send out a video of the call, attendees and a single one-page action sheet – item, outcome, action, owner and date to be done by.

Cats, dogs and children are appearing in all sorts of meetings now and no one minds – in fact everyone is loving it.

With my love and best wishes to you all, especially to all of those working in our NHS and to all Doctors, Nurses, Medical Professionals and keyworkers in every area around the world.

Keep well



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