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42 holds massive significance for me

Naked Leader Week –  42 Monday 16th February 2004


42 holds massive significance for me – book one “ends” on chapter 42 – to hear this chapter click here (link to hearing 42)

Your Help Please…

I am looking for the 50 greatest living leaders in the world today – as decided by you. And it is entirely up to you what “greatest living leaders” means. Please send your nominations – and you can suggest any number from 1 to 50! To me at

Book of The Week

This week nominated by Claire from Toronto. As she says, “no other book was so rejected, so hated by critics and then so loved by readers. It is the very birth of synchronicity – The Celestine Prophecy, by James Redfield” Click here for more details (click on “more” please”)

Leadership from a different perspective – Yours

When I asked for people to share their stories with others I received two different responses. One group said YES “here is my contribution.” Another group said NO – “the purpose of NL Week is to hear what is happening from your perspective, David.”

So…we will alternate, every second week being from you, and every other week being from me, which will include a summary of e-mails and feedback received.

Last week…

Julie Thompson shared her inspiring story with us…one question above all others rose above the inspiration – “that’s all very well, but what about the 95% of us inside organisations, and depending on those organisations for our livelihood, do we simply walk out the door?” I was even asked this question at Paddington Station as I boarded a train!

The Challenge

This question certainly resonated with me, having spent 25 years inside organisations. Also, on my leadership academies over the last five years many people have defined success as “getting out.” So, here are my thoughts, and they are of course only my beliefs…

  • Our biggest challenge and opportunity is not to walk away from our jobs, it is to change the culture, company and organisation from within. This is far easier said than done; however the difference that one person can make is massive.
  • What is an organisation if not its people? What is your organisation if not you? While many people write to me that they can have no influence inside their companies, many others, in exactly the same situation, are doing just that.
  • There is a presumption that life outside organisations is somehow better than life within. Julie was facing particular challenges and unhappiness where she was. Most companies still offer huge opportunities for careers and personal success, even in difficult times.
  • The idea of work-life balance does little to help us enjoy our time at work! We can change that by changing our rules on balance – the question is, are you feeling in balance right now, regardless of where you are as you read this

Overall, my view is that our, “security” and strengths lie not in the organisation we are with – be it our own or our employers – but within ourselves. Inside you, right now, you have natural gifts, talent and potential, that, when they are released, will literally astound you.

Thank you Julie. In a world where there are no answers, only choices, I thank you for writing from your heart. If you missed Julie’s naked leader week click here (click please to link to Julie’s NL Week).

Next Week

Alan Wilson will be launching the self-esteem alliance – aiming to bring together everyone who wants to ensure our next generation’s self-esteem stays strong, and with messages that must reach ever child in the world…

And Coming Soon

The Naked Leader Experience will be published on 1st April 2004 (click headed “more”…the new goes live on the same date…and there will be a special, extra, naked leader week coming out very soon, about giving people and organisations back to themselves…

Whoever you are, and wherever you are reading this, I send you love and warmth


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