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7 Reasons why championing strengths is so powerful

7 Reasons why championing strengths is so powerful

Naked Leader Week 860 – 17 February 2020

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7 Reasons why championing strengths is so powerful, and works

Why are so many organisations, projects and teams so obsessed with the weaknesses in their people?

Despite being recruited for what they can do, for their passions and strengths, so many people in organisations tell us they do not feel important, valued or thanked for what they do well.

We often run a morning session with teams and Boards, during which people acknowledge, praise and thank each other for their strengths, achievements and for simply being themselves. It is always emotional, heart-warming and practical, and the results going forward are amazing.

Why does this approach work?

  • We all walk around with an invisible sign that says ‘I am Important’ – ‘please treat me as such’
  • As human beings we want 2 things more than anything else – to be praised and to be right
  • The way our brains work – we automatically move towards what we think about most
  • We love doing what we are great at, and we are great at what we love doing – Duh!
  • Children need a standard to live up to, not down to – and adults are exactly the same
  • We hate other people having a go at us – that is our own job!
  • It creates trust, energy and confidence inside ourselves and in each other

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