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7 Ways to never worry what others think of you

7 Ways to never worry what others think of you

Naked Leader Week 822 – 20 May 2019

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7 Ways to never worry what others think of you

How to never worry what other people think about you, ever again (while being extremely popular!)

• Give total and unconditional love to anyone and everyone that you ever meet, including and especially yourself.

• Be nice to people you don’t have to be nice to. That includes waiters/waitresses, reception staff, strangers who speak with you and so on.

• Send only positive texts, emails and social media posts. Reply to negative ones that you receive with positive responses.

• When someone you love, in your family or a friend is negative towards you remember this is not about you. It is about where they are and what they are feeling at this moment in time. Show unconditional love in return, no matter how hard it may be.

• When someone is speaking, listen. Really listen – without judgement. It is perhaps the biggest single compliment we can ever pay another person. Care.

• Don’t think about what others think of you – think about what you think of them, and think highly of them, anyway.

• Smile and be kind.

This whole approach can be summarised simply: Go out looking for friends and you will find very few. Go out and be a friend, and you will find many.

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From How To Be Successful By Being Yourself

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