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A Call to Action…0 of 4 (!)

A Call to Action…0 of 4 (!)

Naked Leader Week – 264 – Monday 30 June 2008

A Call to Action…0 of 4 (!)

Many organisations are struggling through the global, so-called “credit crunch” – and while many people dismiss this as one of those “economic cycles” – this time leaders are asking a different question, and it’s a BIGGIE:

“How do we ensure we avoid repeating the same mistakes, we made, last time around?”

You may remember…The business world obsessed with:

Mission statements – you know those things that everyone sort of knows you have, yet can’t quite remember the words, but they still hang in the Boardroom, longer than Desiderata and considerably less inspiring…

Initiatives – you remember, those externally led re-engineering, right first time, total quality management expensive jargon full programmes that had one key, missing ingredient – your buy-in…

Change – and this one continues to run and run, along with its two companions in chaos – knowledge overload, and external dependence… when there is just one other word that changes (sic) all that…

And of course – our obsession with internal reorganisation – on how we are organised for our own convenience, and the more simple we make it, the more confusing it becomes – job titles, dotted lines, who does what around here…? Now there’s a question…

Now, if you think this is all rather negative, it is supposed to be – it has to shock us to the core, if we are going to wake up.

Because if we as entrepreneurs, as leaders, and as organisations think that you can solve the problems you face today, using the very same methods that created them in the first place, then welcome to the world of insanity.

To me, a pretty good definition of insanity is to keep doing the same things we have always done, while expecting a different result.

So, over the next four weeks – starting next week, I will share with you the exact actions to take that will leave the past where it belongs, make you world-class in all that you do, and ensure you thrive in any and every economic climate.

Not based on theory, or anything I have read – I have no real insight into any of this – I simply have eyesight.

And I have seen what works, and what does not. And I will share it with you, starting on Monday 7th July…

That’s a very big promise.

However, as a promise on its own – it won’t work.

Some of you will agree with me, others will disagree, and we’ll get involved in a great big debate, discussion and probably disagreement.

The same as happens when most suggestions for action are made.

So, how to avoid that?

I know – let’s do a deal – no, let’s you and I, right now, do THE DEAL:

And it goes like this…

The Deal

I promise to share with you the most powerful, exact ways to ensure you do not repeat the same mistakes made last time when faced with major economic challenges, based on the real experience of global leaders, projects and organisations…

And in return…

… You promise to do something about it – to take action

And that action may be what I suggest, or, if you disagree with something I suggest, you will do something else – but you will do something.

Whether it is something I suggested, or the complete opposite, that’s fine. I do not mind if you believe in me, I want to know if you believe in you.

And that is not meant to be thought-provoking, it is written to be action-provoking.

And if that doesn’t work for you – great – unsubscribe now as otherwise you will not enjoy the next four weeks – because they require ownership, bravery and above all, action…just do the rest of us a favour, stop complaining if you are not going to do anything about it, because you are doing our heads in…

So, in the next seven days, simply decide if you are going to do the deal…

Or not

See you on Monday 7 July


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