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A Call to Action…Never, ever underestimate our ability to…

A Call to Action…Never, ever underestimate our ability to…

Naked Leader Week – 266 – Monday 14 July 2008

A Call to Action…Never, ever underestimate our ability to…

The Question…

“How do we ensure we avoid repeating the same mistakes, we made,
last time we hit a cold economic climate?

The heading completed…

Never, ever underestimate our ability to make the simple, very very complex

And then hold meetings, initiatives and the rest, to make it all simple, once again…

The biggest mistake, last time round:

was thinking that flat structures (sic) made things simple – hey, we even proved it by changing all reporting lines from solid, to dotted…

Only problem was it caused huge confusion –

Confusion over Clarity

• The ‘change’ agenda has delivered many things; sadly lasting change is not one of them. It has delivered data and knowledge, which has been overwhelming, and at times led to chaos. It has led to change for change’s sake, an initiative a day and little heed for impact on the real costs, the customer or people.

• Few people inside many organisations are clear on its vision and strategy.

• Empowerment and flat structures mean well, but they have not helped clarify who does what in an organisation, who is accountable, and how people’s daily jobs relate to the bottom line.

So, this week – within the second part of the formula for guaranteed success – Know where you are now…

Put Clarity over Confusion

Clarity over Confusion

• Make sure that everyone – that’s every single person, knows how what they are doing, at any and every given moment, relates to achieving the organisation’s goal/aim/purpose (delete as appropriate)

• Radical simplicity – if something is being done that doesn’t help the organisation move closer to its vision/dream/outcome (ditto as above) then stop doing it – indeed, stop doing it now

• Ensure everyone takes ownership for everything they say and do

OK – so, what are you, personally, now going to do?

Something, or nothing?

Next week – the BIGGIE – Choice over Change

With my love and best wishes



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