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A Happy and Peaceful 2007 to you all

Naked Leader Week – 188 (w/c Monday 8 January 2007)

A Happy and Peaceful 2007 to you all

An inspiring story on persistence and belief, from Sandra Johnston-Murphy

When I was about 7 yrs old, I begged and begged my parents to let me have my own pony. My parents were really not in a position to buy me a pony, as they knew nothing about horses at all! I lived and breathed ponies; everything I did had some relation to ponies in some way or other.

Living in Essex there was a slight shortage of grazing land but I scoured our area to look for a paddock, which could be rented out, I found one and told my parents. They had to come and look as my persistence was killing them!

Eventually, my parents did buy me a pony, for £25 from a gypsy site. She was tatty, very scabby and had a bald patch on her back from being mistreated – the best thing that ever happened to me. My pony Bella, beautiful Bella.

I cared for her and in return she let me ride her and we formed an incredible partnership, one that went on to make us the best show jumping and cross country partnership in our area.

I had also met a girl called Juliet who knew everything about horses – she taught me everything I know about horses (and by falling off several hundred times, I taught myself to stay on!) and she taught me how to make the most wonderful bridle, and I knew that learning that skill was the next thing I had to do to make my bigger dream come true.

And so I found my dream job, making bridles in Lincolnshire. While doing this I sold Bella, and began to buy and sell ponies and helping those I met to learn how to care for them, and love them.

And it happened one by one – a fantastic horse, our own smallholding and now a lovely family. My life and love of horses gave me the entrepreneurial streak to do what I do today. I am living my dream and want to tell everyone – everyone who reads this – whatever your dream is, you can make it true.

It’s not easy – if it was it would not be so rewarding when you have achieved it – however if you believe in your dream, and in yourself, and if you love life, you will succeed.

The key part for me is to dream the dream every single day – in the morning when you wake, throughout the day and especially as you lie in bed before you sleep. You will literally dream your dream.

After all, if it is not to live our lives to the highest level, and to help others to do the same, why are we here?

With love and best wishes to you all, wherever you are in the world

Sandra Johnston-Murphy



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