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A Happy New Year – Year Of The Pig

A Happy New Year – Year Of The Pig

Naked Leader Week 807 – 4 February 2019

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Naked Leader work with Western companies who want to succeed in China, and vice versa. My personal. global mission is to bring together Chinese philosophies, values and ways with the best business practices in the West.

And tomorrow, Tuesday 5 February – 4pm today UK time – China enters The Year of the Pig.

To find out more about China’s Zodiac animals, their interpretation, and what they mean for your birth year: click here

For now – The 3 most useful things Naked Leader has learned about doing business in China

  1. Forming trusted relationships is all – Chinese leaders and entrepreneurs are more likely to work with you if they like you, than if you have the best business plan in the world.
  2. Because of 1 above, meetings with Chinese leaders can take a while to get around to the subject of business – however if they are interested in working with you, they will raise the subject, eventually. And be in no doubt, when they do make a decision to partner with you, they will move very fast indeed. Within the time it has taken the UK Government to reach the present stage on a third runway at Heathrow, China has built some 20 airports!
  3. Nurture, value and employ local Chinese people. Flooding China with Western leaders, advisors and experts never works, as many Western companies have discovered to their enormous cost.

These 3 are taken from the two-in-one book – ‘How to Really Do Business in China’ by Jingru Liu and me, and ‘How to Really Do Business in The West’ by me and Jingru, publishing later this year.

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