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“A Kiss is a Terrible Thing to Waste”

Time to Read – From A to X

“A Kiss is a Terrible Thing to Waste” (Meatloaf)

One of the biggest debates in Naked Leader over the last few weeks is this – should this weekly thingy end with a kiss, or not?

Yes, as the world realises that leadership is the key to our future, as “authentic” leadership (be successful, by being you) gains increasing momentum, we find ourselves debating a single letter.


Over the last ten years, it has been the most consistent and emotional of feedback – the two extremes being “What on earth is that X at the end, if it is what I think it is, please unsubscribe me right now” to (in a week we missed it off, by mistake) “What, no kiss? What’s going on David?”

So I asked the question of our wonderful technical team – “Can we ask people if they would like a kiss, or not, and customise accordingly.”

To which I received some very interesting looks, which can be summarised as “go away.”

So… The conclusion?

See below

And the learning point?

Be yourself, always – be true to yourself and what you believe, no matter what others may think or say

27 Responses to “A Kiss is a Terrible Thing to Waste”

    • Why should we divorce emotion from the workplace? We spend hours with our colleagues and customers and suppliers! Is it more about understanding your map of the world compared to that of your counterparts? I am not a touchy feely person but a kiss rarely offends! and a smile can make my day ! Be positive….be yourself.

  1. Hi David, interesting debate this one. I’m firmly in the be your own person camp – consistently. Its what makes us us, and what makes us feel comfortable. No point spending life wearing a mask.

  2. Not something I’d do but it’s definitely something that’s part of you that I expect, respect and like….x (couldn’t resist)

  3. I would never kiss a man anywhere other than on his forehead. Leaving a kiss on a document is fine provided the person it is intended for doesn’t think there’s more to it and the person giving the kiss is making a pass.

  4. Hi David
    Why on Earth would yo not??
    There’s too many haters and bad news in the world as it is. Pass on the love where possible.
    XX Michelle XX

  5. I like the kiss, David. It’s all about authenticy as you say. As for kissing being only for women and not for men, sounds a bit suspect to me – please don’t start discriminating.

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