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A Naked Week – 12

Naked Leader Week – 12 (14 July 2003)

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General Update…

Just One Day

 E-mails this week from Bolivia, Singapore and Kenya show that this is reaching the world. Several newspapers have asked if they can give this some PR coverage. I am saying no because this is not about PR, it’s about the powerful and positive reach of the Internet, and e-mail, and touching the lives of people in a very real way, on 1st November.

Naked Leader Book 2

 Thank you for all of the e-mails about book 2 proposed title – The Naked Leader Handbook – your feedback can be summarised in two words, “how boring.”

I agree, and so do Transworld! Not quite sure how the title happened, however it will now be different… to be decided. Publication date has been pushed back to 1st April 2004 as Book 1 is doing well, and it needs more time out there on its own.

This will not delay advance extracts of book 2, which will be available to you as a member of the network from Friday 1st August, on

New Zealand

 I am in New Zealand from 5th to 12th September this year, launching book one. I know we have many naked leaders signed up from this wonderful country, and I will send you my itinerary when it is finalised.


Our first print run almost sold-out, we have just 22 left. Will reprint late summer, and Nicky and I will be recording several other titles in the autumn.



No joke included = e-mails shouting put one in

A joke included = e-mails shouting leave it out

So…they will appear from time to time…and just when those people in the second category, least expect them…

And on the M25 last week…

 There I was sitting in a queue, contemplating and cursing the traffic-jam, when I suddenly realised, I AM the traffic-jam!

I caught the eye of a chap in a Saab on my left. It was one of those very quick, British glances, and we both looked quickly away. However in that split second there was a connection, not between cars, but between two human beings.

Two different lives, never having met, and probably never to meet, being right next to each other at that moment in time, choosing to acknowledge each other, very briefly, before moving on.

Then I looked to my right and saw a family of four – two boys in the back were waving at the drivers. I waved back and they cheered.

I did not notice the car they were in, because that barrier between us had come down.

Then the cars, and people, moved on.

For a few moments on a hot day last week, in the middle of a tarmac motorway, I had the pleasure of making some very brief human connections that carried through glass and air and metal.

And with those connections, my frustrations in the delay were instantly removed.

David X




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