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A Naked Week – 14

Naked Leader Week – 14 – 28 July 2003

Please feel free to distribute any of this as widely as you wish – no need to reference  the source – just cut and paste the bits you enjoy and send on, perhaps adding your own stories or thoughts…

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General Update…

Naked Leader Book 2

 I don’t know what to say, or write, other than thank you to everyone who suggested a title – at the time of writing this we have 86 different words from over 900 people.

Thank You!

The top three in popularity, which I am going to suggest to Transworld for them to select from, are:

The Naked Leader

  1. Experience
  2. Within
  3. Adventure

Some of the more unusual suggestions (please forgive me if these were serious!)

The Naked Leader

  • Freezes (Thank you Graham)
  • In The Buff (however this does not count as it is three words)
  • Arrested

As promised, everyone who suggested the one chosen will be thanked in the acknowledgements, which resolves my word shortage problem.

By the way, because of the title delay there is a slight delay in downloads, these will be available from 1st September, online.


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