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A New Year resolution…another one…

Naked Leader Week – 239 – Monday 7th January 2008

As New Year arrived, we wished our family, loved ones and total strangers the very best for 2008; we may also have paused for that classic thought:

This year is definitely going to be the year when…

and the wonderful warmth of a new ambition, a ray of hope, or an unfulfilled dream, spread all over you.

A New Year resolution…another one…

No, this year will be different; this year I will definitely achieve it…

So, why is this NL Week being sent our a full seven days after you had those thoughts?

Because seven days is just about right – just about the time period when we lapse into our old ways, when re realise the power of the word “habit,” and when we start to justify why that dream was never for us – after all, don’t all New Year resolutions die…

I believe the biggest challenge of setting such resolutions, is that as human beings, we will always overestimate what we can achieve in a single year… So, all chance gone

I also believe the biggest opportunity of setting such resolutions, is that as human beings, we will always underestimate what we can achieve in a single moment… So, all choice just arrived

Right now

In this very moment

  • Write down the five most important things in this life – to you (include your

work, you may not “love” it, but it provides money, security and mental stimulation.

  • Include your biggest challenge that you need to overcome.
  • Now, write out the exact outcomes you want from each one – setting a standard for yourself, higher than anyone else can ever reasonably expect from you.
  • At least one of your five will, I am sure, involve a loved one, or involve reconnecting with someone, or helping another person. Share that one. with that person as soon as possible.
  • Now, make a true decision – by closing off all and every other outcomes, sign and date the paper, or commit in public – here (Stephen new thread called 2008 True Resolutions)
  • Each and every day, act AS-If your outcome has already happened – in other words, act as if your resolution has already taken place and you are living and breathing it…that way you will take that critical first action far far quicker…

And when you read all that nonsense in magazines about “New Year – New You” remember, always remember, your behaviour, choices and attitude do not make you who you really are, they reveal who you really are, already.

“2008 – The ear I chose to return – to myself”

With love and best wishes for now, for tomorrow, and for 2008, to you, to your family and friends, wherever you may be.



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