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Abilities Not Disabilities

Abilities Not Disabilities

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Naked Leader Week 1020 – 24 April 2023

In my last few Zoom and in person events, more people have opened up about how they have been ‘labelled’.

Last week a young man shared that he had been diagnosed as Autistic, and said that might be the reason that he doesn’t really follow what I am saying. After reassuring him that many people haven’t got a clue what I am on about – least of all me – I asked him this question:

“Being Autistic – what are your superpowers?”

He hesitated, and then burst into life with:

“I have a high level of focus and attention to detail, and am able to see patterns and connections , and I have a heightened awareness to sounds.”

I also noticed that he had an umbrella, when it was a lovely sunny day in London. He replied “Ah yes, but it’s going to start raining at 6.”

And, by the way, it did!

On a Zoom event a lady opened up about being Dyslexic. Again, I asked her the superpower question – she responded with:

“I see things very clearly, including things that haven’t happened yet. I am creative and good at lateral thinking puzzles, and love solving problems.”

Both of the above received much support from their respective groups.

For an expert opinion I phoned The Royal College of Psychiatrists and was eventually put through to a ‘Senior Psychiatrist’ – I shared these stories and he said:

“Neither Autism or Dyslexia are superpowers, they are neurological conditions that negatively impact people’s lives, and you really must stop asking that question.”

And so I asked him – “What are your superpowers?”

And then we seemed to get cut off.

With my love and best wishes to you all



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  1. I had to smile at the end result of your call! I too heard someone talking publicly about his own neurodiversity and he referred to his superpowers. Your question may not be useful for some people, everyone is different even those ‘on the spectrum’! However I can think of recent coachees who would love being asked that question, maybe it is a good question for us all. thanks for sharing and best wishes, Dianne

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