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Abu Dhabi – 2 of 3

Abu Dhabi – 2 of 3

Naked Leader Week – 280 – Monday 3 November 2008

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Abu Dhabi – 2 of 3

During a very hectic, enjoyable and fulfilling week in Abu Dhabi, I was approached by Maher Zananiri, who asked me if I had heard of a traditional Arabic saying about leadership.

While I had heard the quote in English (not realizing its Arabic origin) it made me realise how relevant it is to all of the challenges organisations are facing today, where leadership is the key:

An army of sheep led by a lion

would defeat an army of lions led by a sheep.

I asked Maher to send me the original, in Arabic:

جيش من الخرفان يقودهم اسد خير من جيش من الاسود يقودهم خروف

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