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Action For The Month

WHEN negotiating a sale, define your bargaining objectives like this. Have your ideal, which is the best you can hope to achieve, a minimum, the least you would settle for and a target, which is what you are going to try for and you realistically believe you have a good chance of achieving.

4 Responses to Action For The Month

  1. the ideal is always the one I aim to get and generally do.
    It’s about having the confidence to go and achieve what you think you have in you to do.
    Without aiming high you won’t actually get anywhere near where you should.

  2. Go for broke, reckon you are going to get there and if you fall short then you have still achieved. Best way in my opinion.

  3. I have always enjoyed the sale.
    The negotiating is what I enjoy most and this is something i have always advocated.

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