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Action For The Week

STEVEN GERRARD did it for the England football team against Hungary. He led by example. In business, if you’re a team leader, do the same, and ‘walk the talk.’

You need to show, and put into practice on a daily basis, the standards you are demanding of others. It seems an obvious thing to say. And yet even today there are managers who say, ‘do as I say, not as I do.’ This week, show your team you are in touch with them by leading from the front.

3 Responses to Action For The Week

  1. It was a pleasure to see gerrad lead by example. I have always tended to be amongst the workforce to ensure a good rapport with them. That way they can see you are one of them and are there to help and muck in. That's so important.

  2. Walking the talk is a thing that people I have worked for in the past have tried to do, although they haven't been too successful at it.You have to have a certain charisma to carry it off. Too many shrinking violets in business hide behind their office doors and hide from the challenge of motivating their people. They have made it to the top, somehow, and see that as an excuse for not carrying on with the work that got them their in the first place. they feel they have earned the right to be called sir and have their door knocked, which maybe they have. They need to have empathy with the staff though and lead from the front, by interaction. That's the key.

  3. I hope Steve Gerrard does it for Liverpool tomorrow too against Arsenal in the Premier League club's first game. Now there's a good leader, Roy Hodgson. I love his style of management and leadership and if ever there was an example of a man who can do both with equal effectiveness, ie, manager and lead, he is the man.

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