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Action For The Week

BUYING decisions are emotional (we stack the logic up afterwards) and they come down to two main drivers. They are things that propel us towards pleasure, or away from pain. Think about what pain your business can help remove, and what pleasure it can help make happen, more often.

(Extract from The Naked Millionaire)

4 Responses to Action For The Week

  1. Women tend to be more emotional than men in this respect too.
    Pleasure will always come first over pain although of course, some people like both,

  2. Sometimes you have top go through pain to get to the pleasure. It happens that way a lot.
    Losing out on a big deal is one example, only to have that opportunity and grasp it a second time around. Now that is satisfying. The pain of failure followed by the sweet pleasure that comes with success.

  3. Pain for me every time. That way the pleasure, even though infrequent, is all the more pleasurable.

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