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All Around Us

All Around Us

Naked Leader Week – 301 – Monday 30 March 2009

All Around Us (Time to read 60 seconds – Time to listen 15 seconds)

By Jon Kidd

It is easy to think and feel this credit crunch / recession / depression is everywhere – affecting the whole world and all its creatures great and small.

Not so!

However real and tough and tragic it might be for humankind, the fact is that Mother Nature is blissfully unaware that we are having a rough time of things at the moment.

Take some time out and just listen – to the birds singing their dawn chorus – still as bright and beautiful as ever – watch those spring lambs gambolling in the fields around us – playing and jumping as high as they have done for centuries – seek out the fast – emerging violets, primroses and bluebells in the hedgerows with their colours as vibrant as always.

However painful and self-made, self-inflicted and selfish our problems may be, they seem to just melt away in the wonderful and still beaming face of nature all around us, each and every day.

Thank you Jon

With my best wishes to you all



PS Thanks for your feedback to NL Week 300 on William Wilberforce – many of you feel his strength, belief and persistence were because of the strength of his faith.

PPS I start today on Twitter including a daily leadership how-to (Link).


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