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Are leaders born or made?

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(This week’s NL Week is the second extract taken from my rejected article for Training Journal. – )

…another mission critical question that is at the very top of every Board Agenda – the question asked by every Director just before they ask themselves how they are going to ensure their organisation’s survival for another week.

But if you absolutely insist on answering this question, then my advice is go for “Made.” You don’t agree? OK, then go for “Born,” just make sure you believe you were born in the right part of the hospital…

Get this – no-one knows, and neither will they ever know, for a fact, in your lifetime. Leave this one in your will so the question can be passed down through subsequent generations until someone many years from now can provide us with a definitive, factual answer.

Meantime, get busy living.

Nadine Taylor, Group L and D Manager for The Phoenix Group, wrote to me recently – “My team are not measured by how much we know, we are measured by how effectively we get others to deliver value to our bottom line. What’s not to understand about that?”

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9 Responses to Are leaders born or made?

  1. I wonder if “leadership” and “management” are becoming interchangeable as words. Just as no-one makes “decisions” anymore, it’s all about “choices”.

    We are just about to announce the winner of our Future Leaders Award which recognises high-potential women working in professional services.

    In her address at the Award Ceremony, our 2010 Winner, Felicia Trewin, a Senior Manager at Deloitte said “Managers do the right things, leaders do things right.”

    She stood out as a very rounded person, balancing her time between her professional and personal commitments, taking time to develop herself and giving back to others – doing things right.

  2. Leaders are made of course. You can choose to be a leader. Nobody is actually born anything. They are simply born. So being born to do something is not technically correct. the only things we are born to do are pay taxes and die. The rest is up to us.

  3. Born in my view. You can see that people are born a certain way. they are born with certain characteristics. You can’t fight them. They are inherently yours for life.

  4. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth is one of those ridiculous expressions. Nobody is born with anything other than they exist. Then it is up to them. Sometimes you can be born into a wealthy family. It doesn’t mean a jot. You cane do whatever you want..

  5. We are all born something, whether that be a leader or something else. We are not all the same. We are born with different characteristics and can be led by those to a degree.
    I agree that choice comes later. We are inherently born as something though.

  6. Leadership is about character, that develops as you grow. Its important to be a good leader like Mahatma Gandhi rather than a great one like Hitler.

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