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Are Values Worth It?

Are Values Worth It?

Naked Leader Week – 342 – Monday 11 January 2010

Are Values Worth It?

Time to Read – 2 minutes

More and more organisations are printing their values on posters, web-sites and on those dangly things visitors wear around their necks.

Values such as “Enabling” “Honesty” and “Robust”

Nothing wrong with those

Except, forgive my asking this – what’s the point?

We would by and large all agree with values such as those

After all, I can’t imagine an organisation coming up with “Disabling” “Dishonesty” and “Frail”

Is the point to get people to behave in that way – to be enable, truthful and strong?

Isn’t that how you would want to behave, anyway?

Which makes these values seem a little patronising

If, on the other hand, such things do change behaviour, then great

What do you think?

With my very best wishes




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