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Are you in Fallout?

Are you in Fallout?

Naked Leader Week – 329 – Monday 12 October 2009

Are you in Fallout?

Time to read – 2 minutes

Are you, or someone you know, in a professional dispute at the moment – with another company, or another person?

Or perhaps you have fallen out with a family member, or friend?
If so, do the following:

1 Know where you want to go – The Outcome

What exact results do you and they want? (Not what you don’t)

2 Know where you are now – Ownership and Honesty

Put yourself in their shoes and replay the situation from their point of view – as if you were them

Have a truth in the room session where each person/party speaks and is allowed to do so without interruption. And the person / people not speaking – listens

3 Know what you have to do, to get to where you want to go – Choices and True Decisions

Agree that you will reach a resolution (that is the WHAT, not the HOW)

Start with what you have in common – what you agree on, what unites you, not what you disagree on, what separates you

4 Do it!

And as you do, no-one leaves the room until it is resolved

With my best wishes



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