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Are you in ownership of your life?

When to do – A Lifetime

Do you take 100% ownership of all that you say and do?

If you do, you are in total ownership of your life.

If you do not, then you are not.

Action – starting today, for one week, never say anything about people close to you (team, family, friends) behind their backs, that you would not say to their faces.
Simple – but not easy!

With my love and best wishes

Poll : In your organisation, do people tend to “stab” each other in the back, or in the stomach (to their faces)

3 Responses to Are you in ownership of your life?

  1. The way to get respect off people is to say things to their faces if you have a grievance otherwise there is every chance you could ruin a team's morale by saying the wrong thing at the wrong time to a member of the team who may well pass on to their colleague. Sometimes you have to hold your tongue for the good of the team.

  2. I love to be in control although that's not always possible as there are those heat of the moment times when you lose it. That is a difficult position to be in when your aim is to be in control.

  3. I often speak for other people and believe that is taking ownership and leading from the front in my eyes. There are people I know who criticise others but I have never done that behind someone's back. Only face to face when I feel it's justified.

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