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Be a Voyager by Steve Rock

Naked Leader Week – 43 Monday 23rd February 2004

Leadership from a different perspective – Yours

Be a Voyager by Steve Rock

Be a what?

It’s a strange word – ‘voyager’. Not really a word you hear as you go about your daily business. To be the person you were born to be means that you will have to commit to going on your own ‘voyage’.

The only way in which you can be appear a naked leader to anyone else, is if you lead yourself in the way that is right for you. How can you possibly lead others, if you’re not willing to do what it takes in order to lead yourself with full conviction and belief?

To be a Voyager takes courage – the hardest thing to do is to be able to look in the mirror and love the person that stares back. So, before I leave you with a gift taken from my new book, ‘Failing Your Way To Success’ I would like to challenge you to do something you may not have done before.  Remove your clothes, stand in front of the mirror as naked as the day you were born and know that you already are everything you will ever need. It’s your life – Live it.


 If you share a house, ensure that the bedroom or bathroom door is locked; or there could be some embarrassed faces.


The Voyager

 I am the Voyager.

Exploring the depths of ones Soul

In search of reasons for my behaviour


Much like the changing of the seasons.

I am the Voyager.

Prompting a response – challenging the status quo

After all, what do they really know?

We spend too much time focusing on our weakness.

We must encourage and celebrate our uniqueness.

Living like clones.

We are square pegs trying to fit into round holes

We aren’t all chasing the same dream and goals.

So much, so much time wasted trying to unravel a mystery that was never ever there.


You share your confusion with some who don’t even care.

No, no, no more skulking shoulders hunching in the shadows.

Come fourth into the light.

Know that not only can you pick but WIN your own life fights.

I am the Voyager

Holding the lantern high.

This shining beacon is not that bright,

Trust, fear not, open your eyes.

Admire the view that projects from within you.

It’s there for a reason, much like those ever changing of the seasons.


Now is the right time and the right place

Face yourself, you are no disgrace.

Stand tall my Child of God, my follower of Light

My sister, my Brother.

You have the foresight the vision,

Have faith, people do want to listen.

Stop from being a follower and know that

YOU are the Voyager

Peace and love

Steve Rock

The Inspirational Poet

(Taken from the new book ‘Failing Your Way To Success’)

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