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Be True To Yourself

TAKE personal responsibility for everything you say and do. Be clear on the exact outcomes, the results, you want.

Then make a true decision. Decide to go for what you want and settle for nothing less. If that action takes you closer to where you want to go, do more of the same. If not, then do something else, and so on until you succeed. What you do is everything.

(Extract from The Naked Millionaire)

5 Responses to Be True To Yourself

  1. Passing the buck is fine providing you are doing it because it really isn’t your fault.
    Don’t pass the buck if it is your fault because you should be taking responsibility for your actions.

  2. I said something today that i regret.
    I only have myself to blame and the only way I can rectify the situation is to say sorry tomorrow.
    I hate conflict!

  3. Saying something you regret is no problem as you can correct it by saying sorry.
    Now, if you DO something you regret it’s not always easy to find a way to make it right.
    Such as taking money out of a business and spending it, as my friend did, without any thought to the others involved and what impact it would have on the business.
    Frankly, he needed the money to feed a habit, and didn’t care.
    Not so easy to do something about it when you have made such an error in your life.
    He is remorseful, and is doing his best to make up for it, and the most important thing is, he is happy to take full responsibility for his actions and holds himself wholly accountable, refusing to blame others.
    Which is the point of the post!

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