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The Special One – You!

CHELSEA manager Jose Mourinho maybe the self-styled Special One. Well, imagine having the power to make every day special. Well, here’s the secret. You already have it. Every day can be as you want it to be. It comes with having a positive frame of mind. If you can expect the day to be a…Continue Reading

Train Yourself To Succeed

RATHER like the queue at a train or bus station – there comes a time when people want to get on. Of course, in life, there’s no need to climb aboard public transport to get yourself moving forward, rather, you can decide which direction to take and then set about doing it yourself. How? By…Continue Reading

Jim is ACE in pack

HAVING enjoyed a six-year spell as a Managing Director in a major UK company Jim Collins is well qualified to comment on the question of leadership. He has a few cards up his sleeve. Crucially, though, he makes sure his workforce have the ACE – his key watchwords; Autonomy, Confidence and Empowerment, because, for Jim,…Continue Reading

Join In The NL Forum – Today

INTERACTIVE websites. Given the chance would you vote FORUM? Well, Naked Leader advocates people becoming involved, comment, be in the game – none more so than where company founder David Taylor’s blog is concerned, entitled Naked Leader Week. Among the recent jewels was, ‘All the things that are wrong with you‘ which started with ‘Dear…Continue Reading

Believe In Your Goal

LIFE can be an obstacle course. And often, what stops us achieving success is a barrier that comes from within, manifesting itself as an inability to believe in the likelihood of our achieving that goal. It may look sunny outside but this hovering cloud within convinces us it is going to rain and if it…Continue Reading

The Real Naked Leader

“Naked Leader would not be what it is today, without her.” The rushing to catch a flight words of Naked Leader Founder David Taylor, about Rosalind Howard, CEO of Naked Leader. He added: “Rosalind has been CEO of Naked Leader for three years – the most successful period in the company’s history, so far.” He…Continue Reading