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Cats know true and total balance

Naked Leader Week – 67 – Monday 9 August 2004

I could never have predicted the part of “The Naked Leader Experience” that prompted most response, by far. These few lines, added in the book as part of my personal healing, have led to scores of e-mails:

Cats know true and total balance; they truly live in the moment.

 I bought my first cat in 1987. Possum turned out to be the most gentle, caring, loving friend anyone could ever ask for. He would sit on my bed, listening to my stories of leadership, of the amazing people I was meeting, and most of all keeping me company as I wrote. He would sleep beside me, and when he stretched onto the keyboard to produce what looked like gobbledegook, he was telling me to take a break and give him a cuddle.

 Its not just balance, one learns so much about leadership from cats, persistence (he once fell out of an upstairs window, onto a bush, brushed himself off and returned upstairs to sleep – I had to race ahead to close the window before he did it again!), about persuasion, and most of all, about kindness.

 Possum died while I was writing this book, on Monday, 9th June 2003 at 11.10am, peacefully, aged 16 ½ years.

He was always there when I needed him, he would sit in my lap for hours, and no matter what happened, he gave us all total, unconditional love.

Good bye Possum, we love you, and always will.

People from all over the world have shared with me their private, personal stories of losing an animal, a companion, a friend.

And this week I just wanted to write to say thank you, and if you know anyone who has recently lost a pet, please forward this to them.

I suppose what this is all about, is love. That magical connection between human and animal, and how special it feels. And also, when we go away on holiday, or aren’t there to feed them on time, or when we don’t pander to their every need, that look they give us. That certain look that says “I don’t care about you.”

But they do.

With love and thanks





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