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Changing our world, by choosing our world

Naked Leader Week – 149 (w/c Monday 27 March 2006)

Changing our world, by choosing our world

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 Leadership from a different perspective – Yours

 The greatest gift you can ever give

Is the gift of permission, for yourself and for others.

I know, I write in my book that you do not need it, however since then; I have met many people who do. And I have concluded that it is faster and more effective to give people that permission, rather than debate and discuss it.

You may feel that they do not need it, or you may not realise it is the waiting of this gift that is in some way holding you back

However, I find it so often does. Because we are often so dependent on others – a dependence that begins in childhood and stays with us for many years, as we “grow up” to learn (be told) what we can/must and cannot/ must not do.

And so we can tell people that they do not need our permission, however they may not be persuaded.

We don’t cause such dependency deliberately, of course. When we “manage their expectations” it is to keep them safe, when we point our why something won’t work, it saves so much time and effort, and when we say something can’t be done, we are merely pointing out what most people are thinking.

And so we do not give what that person needs most – we withhold one of the greatest gifts we can give – the gift of dreams, the gift of hope, the word of permission…

Ask yourself this – how many people are close to you, waiting for your encouragement, your support, and your permission, to live? Go give it now

I know it is not yours to give – give it anyway

And when you do, they will be free – free to be themselves

So, I now invite you to give your permission, to others and to yourself, to live…

 And to be…

 With my love, and the collected power and permission of everyone on this network



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