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Coach Yourself – With Naked Leader

THERE will always be a need for a coach – and before you ask, no I don’t mean a luxury 52-seater with tables and bathroom facilities.

In business coaching is a one-to-one, on-the-job approach by managers and trainers to help people develop their skills and levels of competence. It can also involve group learning – and nobody does it better than Naked Leader.

Through inspirational speaker David Taylor and his World-Class associates, you can gain a Professional Practitioner Coaching Qualification, giving you professional recognition, endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management. You can learn about and apply tools and processes such as The Deal, The Fried Egg and The Kit Bag. The courses promote self awareness and the feedback suggests they are hugely influential in helping people with their coaching techniques while improving people-management skills.

So, how to be an effective coach in business? It is the manager’s responsibility to ensure their staff acquire and develop the skills they need. That requirement may arise from formal or informal performance reviews as well as the opportunities that arise from day-to-day activities. Delegating new tasks always creates a coaching opportunity as individuals need the skills and techniques to complete it.

Always help people become aware of how well they are doing and how they can improve, and provide guidance on how tasks should be carried out, being careful to work on the basis that people need to learn rather than be spoon-fed instructions.

Identify the areas of knowledge, skills or capabilities. Ensure the person understands and accepts the need to learn, discuss with them what needs to be learnt, while encouraging them to manage themselves and to identify where they will need help.

Provide encouragement and advice and agree how progress should be monitored and reviewed. Staff need to be motivated and aware of their present level of knowledge and they need to be helped in an active, not passive way, with the coach involved, listening and adopting a constructive approach, so the employee can build on their current strengths and experience with confidence.

Of course coaching need not be formal but it has to be planned and it helps to set objectives too, with further development incorporated into a performance review. And as a coach remember that the role is an important facet to empowering people in a common goal, contributing to personal, and company success.

Why not book yourself on a Naked Leader course? Elephant in the Room (September 18, here), Coaching in a Corporate Environment (October 4, here), Time and Self Management (October 9 here), Accredited Coaching – Practioner Qualification (November 27, 28, here), NLP: The Psychology (November 13, here) are all on the agenda in the next couple of months. Been thinking about it? Well then, you know the next step. Just do it!

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  1. Great that coaching can have such a big impact on an individual when approached in the right way…and this is the right way.

  2. Coaching can be a waste of time depending on the person being coached. They have to be receptive or it is not worth it.

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