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Coaching in a Corporate Environment

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I had the privilege of chairing our first, to be annual, Coaching in a Corporate Environment seminar in Woking last week, and what an event it proved to be.

64 corporate leaders from companies including Manheim Car Auctions, GKN, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Sega, Waitrose, HSBC and Ford Retail participated in a day that was designed to be totally practical – real actions that could put into action straight away, as opposed to boring theory.

For the purposes of this NL week – seven different “sessions”, seven different take-aways:

Bob Perry (NL NLP Specialist) – Prepare for your coaching session in advance, by ensuring you are in the right state and frame of mind – as this will play a huge part in whether that session is a success.

Hazel Wilford (Corporate Case Study) – Your senior leaders are only focused on results; it is up to you to translate how coaching and leadership help achieve them.

Gavin Preston (NL Coaching Specialist) – It’s not about the model – it’s never about any model – it’s always about the person.

Tamar Hughes and Paul Heath (Phoenix Group Case Study) – It’s all about the relationship you have – everything else follows from that.

Bridget Dean (NL HR Specialist) – HR must be the drivers of a coaching culture – if they don’t do this, then someone else will.

Elephant in the Room session – When you share something deeply personal, you give permission to others to do the same.

And from me, across the whole day – Some coaching has got a bit up itself – there is no right or wrong way of coaching, there is what helps the coachee achieve their outcome, and what does not.

With my love, best wishes and thanks to all who attended.



9 Responses to Coaching in a Corporate Environment

  1. Well, there are a number of ways to coach and i guess if there are so many big companies signing up for the NL ethos then NL must be doing something right.

  2. You can learn to coach. It is easy if you apply yourself.
    In fact you can do anything if you set your mind to it.

  3. Coaching is easier for some than others.
    You have to have the knowledge and ability to deliver that knowledge to the right audience, and in the right way, for it to be effective.

  4. Coaching comes in many forms, it can be just you assisting someone that needs help one day.
    Don’t knock it, we can all contribute.

  5. Bob Perry talks a lot of sense as i read an article about him on NL a couple of years back. Very interesting.

  6. ‘It is always about the person.’ That applies to the coachee as well as the coach.
    Someone has to know how to teach and the person being coached has to have that aspect in their character that wants to learn. Simple.

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