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Customers – Take Note Of Them

LIKE plants, businesses thrive on growth. And according to research the rate of expansion could be greatly increased by using one simple piece of advice – taking note of customers.

Incredibly, as many as half of small firms, and many larger ones, fail to ask their customers what they think of the products and services they are receiving. Even when turnover is dropping and a business is shedding staff, these companies are neglecting a fundamental aspect of business success, that of taking notice of the very people they are selling to or providing a service for.

Of the firms that do seek their clients’ opinions, almost 70% suggested the talks were important, and in some cases crucial, to the wellbeing of the business. Accelerating growth by as much as four times was possible by tapping into the thoughts of customers and informal networks, the study revealed.

Local chambers of commerce are a recommended body to turn to when it comes to taking advice in the hope of increasing turnover and profitability. Business consultants too should be viewed as allies to helping you maximise your potential in what are still difficult times. Making the most of the resources available is considered key if a company is intending to emulate that plant – and branch out.

6 Responses to Customers – Take Note Of Them

  1. It is crucial to speak to customers and unbelievable that there are businesses out there who don't do so.How anyone can know what is going on when it comes to doing business, when they don't understand their customer base, is beyond me.Dealing with customers, and nurturing them once they are on your books, is one of the primary concerns of doing business. How there are still businesses who don't understand that concept is amazing.

  2. It beggars belief that there are companies out there not willing to speak to customers to get feedback with the aim of helping their company survive. Looking after clients and making sure you keep up to speed with their needs, when they want it, not you, is vital.It's like banking. It used to be a 9.30am to 3.30pm thing. Come to the bank at that time or you can't do your business.Now we have 24 hour banking and it's all customer focussed. That's just one example of how businesses have changed. and have had to change, to make sure they meet customer needs.It's the way to stay ahead in business.

  3. Sometimes customer satisfaction is all that keep you sane.I love to think I am giving them value for money and expect that of others too. So yes, we should all look after our clients and treat them as we would wish to be treated. It's a simple concept really.

  4. I read an article recently about 'always start with the customer'. It's all about what the customers wants which should detrmine your marketing strategy. satisfied customers will come back again and again and it's important to get their feedback to deliver a high-quality service.

  5. That's exactly right Mary and meets my point about doing what the customers want and making sure what you can give them is compliant with what they require, and when they require it, not when you can give it.

  6. Important to make sure people are being considered, especially when they are YOUR customers buying YOUR products. Stands to reason that you would want them to give you feedback and for you to act on that feedback.

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