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Dave All The Rave

BANK of Dave – Bank on Dave – Burnley Savings and Loans. They are now titles that for many are as familiar to people as their own faces when they look in a mirror.

In fact anybody who has not heard of mini-bus salesman David Fishwick and his one-man quest to transform the banking industry must have been living in a vault. Okay, make that two-man quest – the businessman is joined at the hip with his industry-savvy colleague, yep, you’ve guessed it, named Dave.

And those who have followed the wonderfully infectious character in the two excellent Channel 4 documentaries which have screened him saving countless businesses with his brilliant ‘community banking’ initiative cannot fail to have been impressed by his drive, tenacity and sheer unquenchable entrepreneurial spirit.

Simply, he takes in savings from customers and lends the money to small businesses to keep them afloat. Ingenious. His ‘bank run by the community for the community’ has been a massive hit, despite his running battle with the Financial Services Authority who temporarily shut the enterprise down.

Rallying MPs and policy makers to support him Dave has been up and running at full throttle again for the past four months as those who saw the recent TV ratings-buster will have witnessed.

If ever there was a person who epitomises the Naked Leader ethos then he is it. With more than 29,000 followers on Twitter his message is obviously getting through to people.

Incidentally, inspirational Dave’s Twitter profile slogan is, ‘have the courage to follow your dream’.

There’s a David we all know closer to home that shares this philosophy! Say no more!

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  1. Saw the documentary and he is an inspiration to all and what he has done to help his fellow business folk in Burnley could be easily replicated elsewhere.
    great show and worth checking out if you can get the opportunity to see it again.

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