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Delivering Success

DELIVER a successful project. How? By ensuring everyone knows what is expected of them. Have an open and honest relationship at the top of the project, trust those running it and avoid formal project management meetings.

(Extract from The Naked Coach)

5 Responses to Delivering Success

  1. It’s all to do with communication.
    Some companies just don’t have that rapport between managers and staff and any projects can get lost in translation.

  2. Communication in some companies just does not exist.
    It’s criminal because emails have made it even worse where people just don’t want to get up and speak to people they work 10 yards metres away from just because they would rather email!

  3. The Naked Coach is full of no-nonsense,common sense tips and advice. I am taking the opportunity to share a recent message…


    “I love your book, The Naked Coach, well done, I speak about it at all my seminars and tell people they should get it.

    I am applying it to my own life.”

    Thanks a million.
    Michael Oskouian

  4. I have read the Naked Coach and agree there is so much to derive from it.
    Still think the Naked Leader is the best – the original normally is. While the Millionaire title has a lot of practical advice about starting a business. Like that.

  5. Lots of good information in the book.
    Most of it just common sense.
    Not many people use that these days when coaching.

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