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Do you know anyone like this?

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Someone (an employee of a company) or a group of people (otherwise known as an “organisation”) who quietly, humbly and discreetly goes about being a force for good.
Our official charity is The Prince’s Trust, and we run accelerated leadership events for Trust Young Ambassadors – young people who have turned their lives around and are now dedicated to helping others to do the same.
Each of these sessions is held on a company site – in the past these have included Coutts and Woking FC – and last week’s day was held in St. Helen’s, at a company I had never heard of, Flamco.
As with all other Prince’s Trust partners, they could not do enough for us – facilities, refreshments and most importantly ensuring that all attendees have a memorable, comfortable and life-changing experience.
And none of the Prince’s Trust supporting companies have asked me to mention them in this way.
So, the purpose of this message is threefold – to openly thank all companies who help charities in such a direct and frequent way, to acknowledge that in a world of media obsessed “corporate greed” most companies (people) are a force for good and to ask you if you know any company that would donate a room for the use of The Prince’s Trust in this way.
With thanks to Janice Sanderson, HR Manager, Flamco, and my love to you all.
 (If you can offer help to the Prince’s Trust please email me with your company details)

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9 Responses to Do you know anyone like this?

  1. Hello David,
    I am a great fan of yours having listened to you at a conference. I follow and pass on your messages to others.
    My company Cthis Limited has a product called Kids IN Safe Hands that is about to be launched. It is an iPhone app that allows parents to protect lost children when they are both a a public location, such as a Shopping Mall, Leisure Park. The fact is that one child goes missing every 5 minutes (stats) in the UK; thankfully most are re-united.
    This app is activated automatically when entering a child safe zone (shown by vinyls on doorways) and is essentially a panic button on the iPhone that displays a photograph of the child(ren) lost on digital screens IMMEDIATELY. Security staff ‘man’ exits and eventually re-unite child(ren) parent, guardian or carer. Process safeguards are place. Child charities receive 2% of income generated from apple store sales (£5.99 one off licence fee). Venues contract with an annual fee and if they assist with Venue contract they get 2% of the licence fee to pay to a charity of their choice.
    This will have an International appeal and I would dearly love to see it used at Olympic 2012 for all who attend London.
    I welcome your comment. Best wishes, Steve 07917034055

  2. Speaking as a young Ambassador for The Prince’s Trust, the first class leadership training from David and provisions provided by Flamco and others who help in the same way is invaluable. It never ceases to amaze me how generous people are with their time, facilities and money in such a difficult period economically. It makes such a difference to my life and enables me to be more effective in making a difference to other young people. Thankyou!!!

  3. Companies that don’t help charities need to start thinking about it seriously.
    It can also have tax implications so it’s a good place to start.

  4. There are other just as worthwhile charities. They should also be mentioned although I accept the Naked Leader is not connected to those.

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