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Don’t be the ‘New You’ in 2021

Don’t be the ‘New You’ in 2021

Naked Leader Week 904 – 4 January 2021

Time to read: 30 seconds

Don’t be the ‘New You’ in 2021 – be this instead…


The Real You

Every New Year we are bombarded with the same old message – ‘be a new you’.

Like we are not enough.

Or a new and improved version of some kind of product!

When in fact – and we mean fact:

Whatever your background, your dreams, your hopes and your fears, everything that you need, to achieve anything that you want, you already have within you

Right now

Just as you are

Who and what you choose to be is of course entirely your choice.

In what will be another strange year, please be your true, unique and unstoppable self, and help others to be the same.

A very happy 2021 to you all.




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