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Every Day As A Blessing

Every Day As A Blessing

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Naked Leader Week 1015 – 20 March 2023

Every Day as a Blessing

Reflecting on the media naming a recent day as ‘the most stressful of the year’ and with all the negative news, worry and challenges around, a small group of us came up with these adjectives for each day of the week:

Miraculous Monday

Today is the day to live like the scientific miracle that you already are and help others realise they are miracles as well.

Tireless Tuesday

You wake up full of energy and everything that happens today makes it overflow.

Wonderous Wednesday

Today you notice so many new and wonderful things, and familiar things as if you are seeing them for the very first time.

Thank You Thursday

When we are grateful for what we already have in our lives – especially colleagues, friends and family.

Friendly Friday

Give Unconditional Love to anyone and everyone you meet today – including yourself.

Spectacular Saturday

The day to notice every single success – outcome you achieve. From getting out of bed to going to sleep at night – there will be hundreds if not thousands.

Spiritual Sunday

A day to relax and revive from all those outcomes! Meditate, go for a walk or spend time on your faith, whatever you may believe, and simply be.

Have a wonderful week



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  1. That’s uplifting and encouraging to me. It’s helpful to be reminded of ways to focus on my blessings. Thank you.

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