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Fight!!! – The Change Curve v The Choice Curve

Fight!!! – The Change Curve v The Choice Curve

Time to Read: Depends on who you choose to be the winner

Fight!!! – The Change Curve v The Choice Curve

You may be familiar with ‘the change curve’

Now, the Choice Curve –

Basically at any stage in the Change Curve, Choose to be motivated, to move on, and get on with life

Your choice – neither is “right” or “wrong” – there is only what helps you, and what hinders you.
If you don’t agree, ask yourself this – is there anyone on the planet who has chosen the Choice Curve?
If the answer is yes – and it is – that demonstrates you can make a choice any time you choose.
So, who ‘wins’ for you – Change Curve or Choice Curve –please, let me know in the comments below.
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9 Responses to Fight!!! – The Change Curve v The Choice Curve

  1. Yep, get that. Move on, lay it to rest, and get on with being somebody different, or doing something different.

  2. As Patient Champion/Voice in NHS, I sun counter the mantra about “culture change being difficult”. So I point out to Professionals & Politicians that we are all free to have a “Choice” to change our mind sets and take action to do the right thing for fellow human beings. When resources are limited we need to explore our resourcefulness and “Choice” is the gateway.

  3. It’s like the drug cheats in sport.
    They deny, then there is the shock they are found out because they were told their substances were undetectable, then they go on the defensive and start blaming other people, then they suffer the consequences before moving on. Simple.

  4. As has been said many times – we can’t change what happens to you. you can choose how you act and not react.
    There is a space between stimulus and reaction – with practice you can tap into that space more and more and choose a conscious response that serves you and your longer term outcomes best.

  5. On 10th of August I will be co-hosting Twitter chat #LeadWithGiants on Leading Change. With your permission, I’d love to use this blog, and picture, as a reference to discussion, at least the part that will be about Resisting Change! Thank you.

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