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Four powerful ways to transform negative thoughts into positive thoughts

Naked Leader Week – 202 (w/c Monday 16 April 2007)

Four powerful ways to transform negative thoughts into positive thoughts

Know this – what you think about, you are. Also, what you think about, has a huge influence on your well-being, aside from your happiness, your performance and your very self. You simply cannot afford the nightmare of a single negative thought, and here are seven proven how-tos, to ensure that you never need to.


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  1. Separate the emotion you feel in the thought by looking at is, as of you were observing it from the outside – say to yourself “How fascinating, I am having a negative thought.” Once again, it reduces.


  1. Ramp up positive emotions by using words like “sensational”, “awesome”and “fantastic, and reduce negative emotions through words like “peeved”,“miffed” and “mellowed”. Next time your partner upsets you say that you feel “slightly grazed” – the emotion is less, immediately.


  1. Wherever you are, bring yourself back to the now, the present – give your full attention to the person speaking, to the meeting, to the e-mail, hey, to that small mark on the wall. It is impossible to be present, really present, and feel negative.


  1. To prove that worry you have is not “natural”. Think of it right now, and as you think of it, and you read these words, perhaps its power over you is reducing, even as you read this.

And a bonus 5th – always remember rule number 13 – It’s OK to feel down, to be

depressed, to be hurt or angry, as long as you are enjoying yourself.

With love



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