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Go Simple

Go Simple

Naked Leader Week 885 – 17 August 2020

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Every organisation wants it, talks about doing it, very few actually do it.

Because we are subconsciously trained – by books, experts and academia, that organisations must be complex.

They don’t – they must not, as our brains have one overall, primary function – to keep us alive. To do that it must conserve energy, and understand things quickly.

As Human Beings we will actively fight against what we do not understand – think PowerPoints, Spreadsheets and Project Plans.

Some examples of simple:

Netflix’s expense guidance: ‘Act in Netflix’s best interests’.

Overriding purpose of shipping rules – ‘Thou shalt not collide’.

MI5 Purpose:

1: Keep Britain Safe.

2: Keep getting better at 1.

A suggested general rule on simplicity:

‘Would a ten year old child, or a golden retriever dog understand what I am about to say?’

If not, simplify.

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