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Grow Your Business – Don’t Keep Your Ex in one basket

AS far as growing the economy is concerned, Ex marks the spot – Exports that is. A big percentage of firms who sell goods abroad expect sales to overseas clients to grow in the second quarter of this year. Up to June, business owners have predicted a growth in trade, while others believe it will remain constant. Either way, it is great news for the UK companies who expect an increase in orders from the USA, France, China and Spain in particular.

Already manufacturers have called on the Government to give incentives to help them boost trade. And as well as the weak pound helping, the 2012 Olympics is considered to be a potentially huge money-spinner, thanks to the intense focus on the UK prompting additional interest for goods and services in the run up to next year’s big event.

So, now is the time to think about expanding your activities to ensure you capture a market that is simply asking to be tapped.

3 Responses to Grow Your Business – Don’t Keep Your Ex in one basket

  1. The economy is said to be slowing down again depending on what commentator you listen to.
    Exports are a big part of the rebuilding programme. Long may people continue to help out by buying British!

  2. There are a number of people in this country making it happen in the business world while helping the economy.
    All those people who are expanding their business to offer people jobs in difficult times should be applauded. It’s a great thing to know there are businesses out there making a difference.

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