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He can’t hear you now

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He can’t hear you now

On 19 August Tony Scott, film director, committed suicide.

In many interviews during his life, he talked about the critics’ negative reaction to his work – those self
same critics who are now pouring out the tributes.

Tony can’t hear you now.

You may have had the same experience as me – sitting at a funeral, listening to a relative looking towards the coffin and saying something like – “I never told you how much you mean to me and why.”

It’s a bit late now.

Who are you close to, at whose funeral you might be asked to speak?

What will you say?

They won’t be able to hear you.

So, say it to them next time you see them.

Or don’t.

Your choice – do you want them to hear, and know, or not, and never know.

With my love and best wishes


11 Responses to He can’t hear you now

  1. Your thoughts on today’s subject, he can’t hear you now, have been my own for some time and I have shocked/surprsied and amused my close friends recently as I have set out to tell them that I love them, admire them…whatever is true. I have decided to do this following my father’s death and writing my thougths down about him; fortunatly he knew much of this, but I reflected on how often we do not stop to tell those closest to us what we think and how we value them.

    It is a good experience and releases the other person to be open too. Hopefully it will be a while before either my friends or I die and therefore this should not be a one off event but repeated rom time to time.

    thank you

  2. So very true David. My brother died recently and they had a minute silence at his work place and so many people turned up at his funeral to pay their respects. I felt blessed that I often told John how I felt although I didn’t always understand how he lived I loved him dearly and I know he loved me. I also did not judge the people who came along as I know they were touched by his presence. He is at peace now. Thanks for the space to share this with much love and light alwaysx

  3. I often tell my familiy I love them. It is so important and it is so very true that it takes a close death to prompt you.
    I look at my children and every day i tell them i love them. Who knows what is round the corner?

  4. I think it’s so sad. A man of such class and it goes to show that you have to appreciate what you have when you have it. before it’s too late.

  5. We should all say I love you to a loved one. This is just a reminder of what we should already do.
    I try to say these things to people but it isn’t always easy and you have to find the right moment.I guess the right moment is ‘now.’

  6. I had a situation with my father in law where I didn’t say a word for him for two years before he died. I feel so bad about that. So my advice would be to not bear grudges. Life is too short, really.

  7. I believe people can hear you when they are on the other side.
    If you are religious you will believe that.
    So all is not lost. You can tell them you love them in prayer.

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