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How do you want to be remembered?

How do you want to be remembered?

Time to read: Not as long as any regrets you may have…
How do you want to be remembered?

Write your own eulogy – as it would be read at your own funeral.

Those words that reflect what you did in your life, what you achieved, all about you
(Pause while you write it)
OK – now read it aloud – ideally to someone who knows you really well.
Is that how you are living your life right now?
Yes – Choose to change nothing, go help a loved one or friend do the same thing.
No – So, what are you going to do about it?
With my love and best wishes


Ps. Are you living as you want to be remembered? – please comment below

8 Responses to How do you want to be remembered?

  1. I’m more worried about what happens to everyone else after I’m gone so i guess what I want to be remembered for is making sure everyone else is ok.
    I’d like to leave the world a better place definitely.

  2. I’m the same Rosalind, I worry about how my kids would fare without me.
    So I would like to be remembered for being a caring, sharing individual and it’s important to make videos of yourself so that when you are gone there is a livling legacy.

  3. That makes you think about what it is you are doing with your life.
    It’s made me realise also there’s a lot I want to do.
    I have imagined myself on my death bed, wondering what it is I have achieved, and don’t particularly like the image.
    Time for action.

  4. I want to think that people will look back and see me as someone who lived life. We only have one. Best to make the most of it.

  5. Everybody is remembered however they do in life, by their parents, family, friends. There is always a special memory for someone.

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