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How to Lead Your Boss

How to Lead Your Boss

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  1. Tell your leader how you would like to be led – in terms of style, behaviour and what you want to be empowered to do. On empowerment, be specific.
  2. Ask what are your manager’s top priorities? Listen, Question, offer to help and deliver.
  3. Impress – get close to those that are close to him/her. Prove yourself trustworthy, hard working and loyal to these people – never ever run your boss down to anyone – they WILL hear about it – in this regard, trust no-one. If you know someone always repeats stuff, then tell that person what you want your manager to hear (“in confidence” – or they won’t think it’s worth repeating).
  4. Map past behaviour to predict future behaviour so you can give your manager the answers before you are asked the questions. On language – people either move away from (Pain) or move towards (Pleasure). How do you tell? Listen to their language. AND people are either BIG picture, or small picture (detail). In both pain/pleasure and big/small picture switch your language to that of your manager when in their presence.
  5. Perceive the world through the eyes of your boss’s boss.
  6. No surprises – ever. Ensure your manager knows what they need to know, and ideally hears it from you.
  7. Use the “Three-Minute Drill” to deliver concise proposals in six steps and three minutes:
    • Describe the situation or scenario in 60 words or less.
    • State the implications of the situation and why it matters in 60 words or less – what are the financial consequences?
    • Provide a task that will move things forward in 60 words or less.
    • Provide three to five options for accomplishing the task in 150 words or less.
    • State your recommendation for the choice you believe to be best in 60 words or less.
    • Justify your decision and why it is worth the risks in 60 words or less including customer delight, and making or saving money.

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6 Responses to How to Lead Your Boss

  1. It takes a braver man to just go along for the ride and expect to keep his job without knowing what the boss expects and their targets etc.

  2. I think the hearing it from you is a good ploy when it comes to your boss knowing something.
    The more you can engage with your superiors, so that you are in their face and they are aware of you, the better for your career prospects.

  3. Once again a fascinating NL Week which has got people debating. Isn’t that what an article/blog should set out to do.
    Inspired as usual!

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