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How to Pass that Exam – with free download

How to Pass that Exam – with free download


Time to Read and View All:  40 + 35 + 25 + 20 – 5 Seconds (Approx.)
passthatexamHow to Pass that Exam – with free download

In Naked Leader we find out how-tos that always work, in every situation, for everyone, then we remove the hype, jargon and mystery, and then we share them with people, teams and organisations so that they can do it for yourselves.

So, if you want no nonsense techniques to pass an exam – read, take in and do these 7 most powerful tips from our 15 pass that exam how-tos. And if you know anyone sitting an exam please share this with them

If every tip here each helped you gain a mark – you would get an extra 7 marks! And remember there’s only 1 mark difference between grades.

The Top Seven Tips

1.Believe that you will do well. We automatically move in the direction of whatever we think about most – being optimistic will help you be more relaxed, more open to learning and is proven to help in your exam. Also, listen to music that helps you relax.

2.Use a memory technique – there are thousands available – choose one from the web – and use Post-it notes all over your books – this single idea is the only reason I have any qualifications at all – if you would like me to share the memory technique I have developed email me

3. Senses help recall of memories – what I mean is – you know how a song makes you think of an event? Well pick a separate CD for each subject and always play it when you work on and revise that subject – then play it before the exam – it will access that bit of your memory like a key in the lock of a filing drawer. My personal favourite.

4.Eat the right foods at the right time – Eat a light meal at least an hour before the exam and avoid carbohydrates as they use up vital resources in digestion that you need to be sent to your brain – also some foods are better than others for brains – consult food doctor books. A small chicken salad is a great lunch.

5. Help others – There is nothing like explaining something to someone else for making it clearer to yourself – how many times have you said “I don’t know why this maths answer is wrong. I did this and I did that and then… OH – I know, I should have done… “And you answer your own questions. Do this for yourself in the exam too (although without actually speaking!).

6. “If you don’t know it now, you never will…” is simply untrue. Short term memory is very powerful, so have a refresh just before you go into the exam – this will gain you extra marks.

7.Glance through the exam paper in advance before writing anything… And notice the questions that you CAN answer and be proud of yourself at your preparation – answer these questions first to gain confidence.

Click here for the full 15 tips

Don’t TRY your best

DO your best by simply being your best!

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Free download – How to Pass that Exam – part of the highly regarded Naked Leader You series. Please email requesting the audio download.

About the Audio:

‘Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could confidently take that test feeling calm and thinking clearly?
By regularly listening to this audio it will help you achieve your full potential in any test or exam.  Start listening while you are studying – before revision, as you can only retrieve what has been stored. Pass that Exam will help you study, revise and recall information while staying calm during the examination period. Whether you’re getting ready for exams at school or college or at work listen to this audio.’


4 Responses to How to Pass that Exam – with free download

  1. ‘Eat a light meal at least an hour before the exam and avoid carbohydrates as they use up vital resources in digestion…’
    That’s so interesting as in sport you prepare with carbohydrates.
    Guess there is a different preparation for everything we do in life.

  2. I would say that the “believe you will do well” is important during the exam particularly when the exam is more difficult than you expected. More difficult exams should favour the more prepared candidates so if you don’t panic and trust what you’ve learned you’ve already put yourself at an advantage to others.

  3. David’s ‘Pass that Exam’ audio is the best in the field and one we use regularly within our own family and now with all clients in this area.

    I subsequently designed and developed something called the ‘Mind Table’, enabling my daughter to remember over 200 complex formula for A Levels such as Chemistry. Will post an example image on twitter and instagram – @claire_kidd1 for those revising out there!

  4. I agree with Nick. You have to have self belief, let the subconscious tell you you are going to succeed and the chances are you will.

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